At The Mountains of Madness

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Actually I don’t remember how we are getting mad or for what. Because of that let’s see what we can find At The Mountains of Madness all together. As you can imagine lots of things happened in that time which I didn’t write something and some of them still happening.

We are in kind of shared situation globally but it’s also so unique that makes us irritated. Some of us already started to smell of something is burning. In this post I will get mad about the things that I noticed.

Chain Reaction

While all of us were continuing to our lives in somehow; In a normal daily life like we were making jokes about apocalypse signs like meteorite, locust swarm etc. and some of us was saying “it’s time to see aliens now” and in a city that located far far away something different was exploding. It was not a alien invasion but side effects were almost same. Maybe chain reaction had started already and we didn’t noticed that or it’s starting now, we will see soon.

It happened lots of times in different eras in the world history but we just saw it, just few countries was prepared for that. Actually some of the countries published footage about aliens for changing the topic. It’s needs to show us lots of things about our governments actually.

I will not talk about conspiracy theories or absolute truths. I will talk more about the thing that you are trying to escape.


I was living in the island with good and bad parts for a long time. Living in the island is already an isolation in itself. The place that I was working and living was on the pier so it was kind of isolation in isolation for me.

But it’s enough, no need to talk about me that much in this post. How are you feeling? It is so hard to see when painful truths hitting on your face like a slap. You are not able to stay with yourself all alone right? What did you noticed about yourselves in that stage? Did you escaped from it? Are you brave enough to answer that?

Less of us were able to continue that. You need to brave to continue to questioning. While all of the truths that we don’t want to see or hear were coming through us, we were trying to hide our heads in to the sand or trying to hide under the blanket like we did before.

First few weeks we hid from it in somehow. We were trying to think like it’s kind of vacation but when that stage delayed more and more the things started to change. We realized that actually we were living so empty lives. We saw; the things that we hold, we dreamed of or trying to reach was meaningless and empty.

At The Mountains of Madness

Realizing the life we lived; was getting more empty while we were trying make it full was actually just a swamp and it brings chaos to us in that stage. We saw the real faces of the people who we were thinking like we know them and it happened so fast which make us realize the “Modern World” was a big lie. It was really devastating for lots of us.

That situation brings us to point at the mountains of madness. Devastating depressions, broken dreams, and everything that we know or believe turns to broken glasses on our skin. There is less thing to hold now. Humankind started to notice we need to be an individual and in the end lots of anarchic movements started in many countries.

People talking about lots of different conspiracy theories. Some of them just the truths. We are moving through a dystopic reality. It’s really difficult predict what will happen next, specially with this big information pollution. Because of that we need confront the thing you are trying to escape, yourself. Because if it’s continue like that, ourselves will be only weapon for surviving in that stage and we need to know how to use it.

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