Cambodia and Endless Adventures

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I sent my last post in 3 August 2017. In this post I will write about Cambodia and Endless Adventures. I can easily say there are lots of things happened to this time. I really don’t know how I can start or Where I can start to writing but in every way I need to start writing from one point.

A Small Summary

Me and one of my friend from my first work place were decided to open our business in October 2017. Koh Rong was really expensive for opening business because of that we choose the small island that in front of Koh Rong named Koh Rong Samloem – M’pay Bay. It will be really difficult for us but also really big experience for me. Because I really didn’t know something about opening business, financial things, also giving change to customer.

Building has really big and beautiful octopus drawing on the front wall also we gonna open our place in October. Because of that we chose Octo Guesthouse for our place. After the preparations we noticed that my laptop was broken because of moisture. In that time I tried to give information from my Facebook page, if you remembered that. There was a possibility about maybe building can be sold but we said we need to try. After 3 or 4 months from the opening unfortunately building sold. In every way I learned lots of things about business and it was really big experience and adventure for me. Also in that way I met with lots of good people and jerks.

Cambodia and Endless Adventures

After this I turned back to Koh Rong. Because I had a dream about being a DJ and also maybe I can save little bit money for buying new laptop and DJ Controller. But after few hours I noticed Koh Rong was changed and turned to Koh Wrong after 6-7 months. Not just places also people changed. I guess after that time I realized people’s real face. First thing there were lots of Turkish people. I felt like I’m walking Istiklal Street / Taxim in Istanbul. Everyone was talking in Turkish and I felt like I was a tourist in Istanbul.

After few days, I had to confronted with another bad news. All of the Turkish business owners are decided to don’t working with Turkish people. It was different kind of racism that I saw and didn’t understand. Maybe you know that but in Koh Wrong almost every place is Turkish business. Also after that all of the other people stopped to work with Turkish people and as you can understand finding a job was really difficult.

After few days of vacation I have to work with worst places as known in workers community. Right now I really understand how are the sex slaves feels. After 3 or 4 months of slavery, I changed my mind. I didn’t want to live on Koh Wrong anymore. Because of the nature of Koh Wrong, everyone started to be corrupted and it’s totally not fits with me. One biggest restaurant/hospitality group was looking for digital marketing manager and funny thing is everything that they wanted was fitting with me also salary was around $2.000.

I said “It was so good that not possible to be real” like when I find myself in this kind of situation. I was so stressed because it was my first job interview in English but my English was better than the French people who did interview with me. After that I learned that they was giving just salary. There was no contract, laptop, food, transportation fee or something and I said “Hah it’s okay now!” and I left room as same speed as I enter. If they was giving at least laptop It was still okay but without laptop how can I do my job.

After this I started to think about my life and my decisions. It was really difficult times for me but I decide to change my way again. I realized some of the dreams of mine was not possible to do and I really don’t want to go back Turkey.

I’m 35 now and every time starting from zero started make me tired. I want to have a proper life, a family, a business of mine and also having children makes me much more excited than others dreams. Also I can create time and money for travelling if I can have my business. In that time I turned back to Koh Rong Samloem again. My brother(He is old partner of the first place that I worked) called me and said “I’m opening a restaurant. Come and work with me.” For 4 or 5 months I’m working in this restaurant and now I’m manager of the place. Another good news is after  beat my depression and decided to have a good and proper life I met with love of my life. If everything goes like that we will start to share our lifes and walking together on that way.

Yes I said Cambodia and Endless Adventures but it’s not a bad thing. I came here for this adventures and I know there are lots of adventures that I will live. I will share with you all of them.

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