Daily Life in Tropic Island

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Guess I spent enough time to write about daily life in tropic island. Actually its my 6th day in the island but it feels like 6th month for me because I’m still not working but in a few days things will be get clear I hope.

Like I wrote before everyone in the island wakes up like 10:00 – 11:00 except workers. First boat arrives to island at 08:00 am so every place have to get ready for first comers. Generally they just wants cold drinks and breakfast first. After that if its not cloudy day most of people stays in the shadow. Because esspecailly in the midday sun and dump can be very torrid.


There is a two generator in the island. They works by turns and tries to give electricity to the all island. So If we think the island is 75km2 square so this generators are really big. There is a lot of places that uses electricity so some times generators goes off and all island fall into silence. Because of that most of places uses ice box to keep drinks cold.

Internet and Phone

There is a two gsm company in the Cambodia that Smart and Seatell. Both of them works fine but I don’t what kind of diffrence they have. If electricity goes off then you need to use your phone because all places lost their connection with that.

Island Dwellers

Specially in the first posts I don’t want to share people’s life, names, photos and reasons to came here because privacy. But Island Dwellers are really good people. Specially foreigners came here to some reasons and they’re fighting against difficulties together.

The Island’s other name is Turk’s Island. Because a lots of Turks escaped from Turkey and settled in here. There is a one thing I want to explain that these are not the Turks who supports Erdogan. We’re escaped from him. We left our houses, loved ones, families, friends etc. etc. because of him. As you can understand, we’re trying to make a new life. But when we said “I’m from Turkey” the one who talk with us, get fall into silence, turns back and leave. It’s really degradant for us.

Madmen’s Days

Generally I’m trying to wake up at 06:00 am. I still don’t have a sim card so I need to use Bamboo’s net and in this hours I can easily write my posts, do my other works in the web. I woke up at 08:00 today and can’t go to photoshoot but maybe yesterday I can do that.

In the other hand studying in English much more easy in the morning. I’m using a teacihng app that named Rosetta Stone. If  I’m get bored from computer then I trying to read a book named Defiance and thanks to book I learned a lot of new word in English.

So right now I’m going to swim. See you soon. 🙂

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