Bir Delinin Maceraları, Masalları ve Gördüğü Yansımalar

Welcome to Adventures, Tales and Visions of A Madman. Be careful! This dijital journal of madness can alter your sanity.

Like everyone else my adventures begin when I started walking on the earth. I realised my adventures drive me to another line from this point and I want everyone to witness my adventures.

All of my decisions are ambitious and hard to believe, because I never like living in comfort zone. I need a challenge for develop and improve myself all the time and everyone that I know said crazy, madmen, mad, insane, nut or something for me because of that. Everyone can be insane with a little motivation. This is not relevant to just lifestyle, community, family or friends. In the other hand becoming insane is not a bad thing all the time. Sometimes you need to get insane for freeing yourself from your burdens.

This blog may be change, your mind, ideas, personality or freeing you from your burdens, comfort zone or boring life. Madness is contagious and this is why I want to share my madness with you.

PS: I’m trying to improve my English too and translate my madness to English is a motivation for that. Please don’t hesitate to tell my mistakes from comments. All posts will be translated as soon as possible.

Dealing with Inner Monster

Hola crazy people, who wants be crazy or who already lose to control. This time I will twaddle about dealing with inner monster. I was in delusion for a long time. If I need to say openly, I had lost my control for a while. Now I’m continuing to walk on my way again. Because […]

What Are These People Doing

When I started to live in the island, I got opportunity for met with lots of people and every time I asked to myself “What are these people doing”.  There are lots of advantages and disadvantages for living on the island and strange thing is sometimes it’s working opposite. For example one [...]

Cambodia and Endless Adventures

I sent my last post in 3 August 2017. In this post I will write about Cambodia and Endless Adventures. I can easily say there are lots of things happened to this time. I really don’t know how I can start or Where I can start to writing but in every way I need to […]

Island Life of a Lotus Eater

As a person who said “If we’re talking about comfort, don’t give a fuck”, in this post I’ll tell you mysterios secrets about island life of a lotus eater. First of all I need to express my thanks to my very sincere and respectfull friend who educated me about being [...]

Koh Rong Impressions After Trial

Hello everyone. I had lots of technical problems about my web site because my hosting company(Sadece Hosting) couldn’t show their experience and knowledge. In this process I learned lots of things thanks to hosting company. Anyway,  in this post I’ll tell you about my Koh Rong impressions after [...]

First Day at Work in Koh Rong

13 days later I get a chance to visit Koh Rong Samloem. In this post I’ll tell you my Koh Rong Samloem impressions and after that my first day at work in Koh Rong. When I got a chance to visit Samloem there is no way to miss it. Samloem is the smaller island that […]