How to Fight with Toxic People

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Hello my beloved crazy people. Little bit time later I’m here again. This time I will get crazy about how to fight with toxic people, How you can notice them and effects of this process.

Before to explain how to fight, first we need to understand How they are appearing in our lives.

How Toxic People Appearing in Our Lives

The modern world that we’re living inside, built on to makes feel all of the people uncompleted, unhappy, insufficient and worthless. Because if you started to feel like that the modern world has lots of opportunities and products to make you feel better.

Are you not feeling beautiful enough? You can be much more beautiful with lots of cosmetic product or if you have enough money you can take plastic surgery. Are you not happy? You can go to really good vacation like everyone in the social media or you can use antidepressant.  

Modern world creating the toxic people like that. Those people are ambassadors of corrupted system that we calling modern world. They’re make you feel uncomplete, unhappy, insufficient and worthless and with that corrupted system can reach deeper sides.

How to Notice Toxic People

Toxic people are totally lives with their urges. They want everything they see but they’re not able to do something for the things they want. They’re just waiting for that. Toxic people can seem inescapable. Drama follows them everywhere, and the more players they can draw to their stage, the more satisfying it is to their ego. You dread working with or meeting them at social events. They never stop talking about either their issues or their accomplishments. They’re never happy, never satisfied, and always critical.

In the social life sometimes it’s easy stay away from them but if you have relationship with one of them accidently, results will be disaster. If you’re feeling unhappy, failed and unworthy in your relationship, this the time for thinking about that.

At least it’s not so difficult to notice this kind of people.

Expert Manipulation

Toxic people know how to twist a conversation or situation until their thoughts and desires are the only ones that matter. They always force you to be on the defensive, needing to prove yourself to stay in their good graces. Mostly you will fall on the spider web before to notice.

They Never Stop Talking…

Quick, dive into the first dark room or run the opposite direction. Because once this person starts talking, they will never stop. Never. They don’t want a conversation. If you start to say something, they will just interrupt you and carry on. You need to support and accept everything they said.

They will drain all your sympathy, empathy, and patience. They will expect you to be available at all times and lay a heavy burden of guilt on you if you’re not.

The No-Fault Clause

We all know at least one. No matter what happens, it’s not his or her fault. You may find yourself making excuses for this person’s rude, self-aggrandizing behavior. They will always be saying, “If he hadn’t done…” or “If she hadn’t said…” then everything would have gone as they thought it should.

If you are the one closest to this person, you can become the object of blame. You can quickly become the reason for every unacceptable outcome in this toxic person’s life. There does not need to be any logic in their reasoning.

The Jealous Judge

This toxic personality is often motivated by their own self-loathing. The only way to justify their own lack of self-worth is to destroy the self-worth of others. And so this person will often be the office gossip, the universal critic in any group.

The Eternal Victim

These toxic people have never been wrong, just misunderstood. They have the worst luck. If you’re sick, they’re sicker. If you’re tired, they’re exhausted. Trying to have a conversation with a self-proclaimed victim is a never-ending competition for the lowest place in life.

The Pathological Liar

There are some people who wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them on the lip, so to speak. They create their own reality, depending on whom they hope to influence or what they want to acquire. Just because you’re family or care about them doesn’t mean they won’t lie to you.

If you think about to the relationships you lived or living you will understand easily how many toxic people you have around of you.

How to Fight with Toxic People

This is the easiest part actually. Because you don’t need to fight. You just need to remove them from your life, permanently. Because they’re really good at manipulation and lying. There is no need to explain the situation to them. Just go away and don’t look back because they can take you to the same level with them easily.

I can say that easily from my personal experience, there is no chance to change this kind of people. Sometimes this process makes you so blind that you can’t listen or see warnings from your friends and beloved ones and in the end you will find yourself as destroyed and wasted.

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