How to Survive in a Tropic Island

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Today is my 4th day in the island and now I know some basics about how to survive in a tropic island. Actually they’re easy information to get but most of people lives here for a long time and they just forgot this adaptation period.

Drinking Water

When I woke up yesterday, I found my legs cramped. I just happied for how my legs and butt muscled in a short time and just with walking on the sand and suatting in the toilet. Yes, hygiene is very important in here so don’t sit to the toilet. Anyway after that I just learned there is no mineral in drinking water and sodas and its first symptom is cramps. You can learn much more about drinking demineralized water. The island is very hot and moist so you need to drink a lot of water for that. If you’ll stay 2 or 3 months you need to take magnessium and calsium supplement to prevent cramps. There is a Pharmachy and they’ve this kind of supplements. By the way you need to be careful about that in all Asia.


They’re the terror that whines in the night, the itch that you cannot scratch. They’re flying piranha fleet. They mostly bite your legs and feets. Their bites are very itching and if you scratch this bite very much it will be turn an open wound and open wounds are very dangerous thing. Common flies can be bite your open wounds. This is prepare you to third part of ecosystem and it name is sand fly.


So here it is! Our dangerous friends Sandfly! They spread all around the world and they lives in here too. You already need to wear long sleeved things and trouser or dress for protect yourself from mosquitos so keep all of them on yourself. Every room has bednet. You must to use it and use it carefully. It protects you from most of mosquitos and sandfly.

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are another dangerous friends. They very hard to get ripped of. They was very popular in the recent years in USA. I just saw one person who met with bed bugs. So it is very rare situation for here.

How to Survive in a Tropic Island

Before to came here I accepted everything that I wrote to above. I love to go camping and this kind of challenges. I’m very fine with this facts and want to settle in here. I have a scratch at my right feet’s back before to came here thanks to my old shoes. I made a dress for that wound and waiting to get well. You need to get well a.s.a.p in this kind of cases.

Finally I get a shower with shampoo in yesterday and feel very well. 😀 I guess in a few days my job situation get cleared and I’ll feel most comfortable. Because of moisture you doesn’t understand when you get hungry. I think I lost 3 or 4 kilos in here.

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