Island Life of a Lotus Eater

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As a person who said “If we’re talking about comfort, don’t give a fuck”, in this post I’ll tell you mysterios secrets about island life of a lotus eater.

First of all I need to express my thanks to my very sincere and respectfull friend who educated me about being lotus eater and already had doctorate about it. Even when I was doing my military duty, thanks to his suggestions I could have very comfortable moments. Actually we thought about writing a book named Rules of Lotus Eater’s but we felt too lazy for it.

Island Life of a Lotus Eater

It’s my 5th month on the island. Right now I’m writing this post while listening Jazz, drinking my coffee and smoking my joint in The Rising Sun. It’s rainy day and I’m acting like doing very important things in front of laptop. Closely to Starfucks but in the tropical island. Right now I newly started to earning some money. So I’m trying to go other places for drink or eat something. It’s really helps to island economy.

In my first month I used to lavender oil for preventing mosquitos and other bugs but after a while we just finished our stocks and I experienced very hard moments with bugs. I went to Blue Market or as known as Phsar Leu Market in Sihanoukville, 2 weeks ago. This market is a combination for  grand bazaar, spice bazaar and Tahtakale markets from Istanbul. You can find everything you want in there but you need to be patient.  After much effort on my part, I found the lavender oil and finally I reached to comfort level that I want.

All parts of my room, my clothes and I just smell like lavander right now. Actually you can smell lavender scent behind of my room door. Thanks to Lavender “The Bug Screamer” there are no mosquitos, bugs, ants and other things in my room anymore. It’s just like a five star hostel room. I’m using bednet for preventing something like leaves to fall on me. There is a oil burner in picture but I can’t use it because of fire risk. Using sprey box on the bed, pillows and yourself really enough to prevent mosquito and bugs. And yes you can use lavender oil in a sprey box and with that you can feel free in everywhere. It’s just 3$

Actually I’m really selling this lavender oil. It’s little income but better than nothing but finding sprey box is really hard thing in there. Because of that I just started a hunt for sprey box. In the same way I just started to selling bird feather earrings. In the end I want to make a donate with this income to Friends of Koh Rong that one of the helping organization in the island.

Cambodian Foods

The only topic that everyone want to learn something, Cambodian foods! You need to believe that I’m really wonder these foods as like you. Because I couldn’t find a restaurant that trustworthy but I’m still trying and I’m totaly sure that I can find this place in Phsar Leu Market in Sihanoukville. Another difficult thing in the island is decide to what can you eat. Because of that I’m eating egg or omelette in the breakfast, Bruschetta or pizza in the lunch and if I want to eat meat then I’m going to Barbeque for eating 250gr pork meat.Yummy!

In the other hand you cand find lots of fruits in there. Coconut, pineapple, watermelon, banana, mango, papaya, dragon fruit, passion fruit, kaju, jackfruit, rambutan and durian are thefruits that you can find easily. But Durian is really dangerous fruit because of scent. You can’t carry this fruit in public transportation or you can’t enter lots of buildings. I’ve tried all of them except durian and jack fruit. But still prefer peach and plum.

If I can save some money I really want to go Seam Reap for visiting temples and weather needs to be sunny too. See you at new posts.

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