Koh Rong Impressions After Trial

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Hello everyone. I had lots of technical problems about my web site because my hosting company(Sadece Hosting) couldn’t show their experience and knowledge. In this process I learned lots of things thanks to hosting company. Anyway,  in this post I’ll tell you about my Koh Rong impressions after trial.

You’ll spend your first month for getting shock. Everything is perfect. Ocean, jungle, people, sky, clouds, places etc. etc. It’s like dream, more than dream.  You’ll start to realize some little things in the second month but you’ll don’t want to understand and you’ll aceppt all of these things in third month. In these times that I couldn’t write post because technical problems, 1 person left the island because of infection and 2 person left the island because of their psychologial problems. It’s really hard to notice that who left the island or not, because there are lots of people.

If you want to stay longer you need to get Business Visa after 2 month. So I get my business visa and I’m so relax right now. I’ll get my business visa as 3, 6 or 12 months if I have enough money. I’ll write another detailed post about visa process.

Beauty of Nature

We always say “Oh! What a beautiful nature! Green and blue together what a nice scene!” but everything is works different in the tropical island. Usually there is no place like that but we just destroy all nature for big cities or big hotels. Nature is not just butterflies on the flowers or singing birds on the trees. Death is the part of the nature also and it is important part of the cycle and you can easily understand this cycle in the tropic island. If you couldn’t get adapted quickly you’ll be victim of the natural selection. I can say that clearly, You’ll pay all of these natural beauty price with your blood to bugs.

I mentioned in my previous posts that there is a another thing dangerous like infection. It name is parasite! One of my friends is just get a worm from his right foot. He used the medicine but he couldn’t heal so he decided to burn the worm after 1 month. All of the locals using same way by the way.  The worm just waiting under the skin so if you can getting near fire to right point you can kill the worm without pain. My friend used his lighter for that.

Island Life

Every day is same. You’re doing same things in everyday. There is two things that can be changed, landscapes(because of rains) and faces. In the other hand it is not simple rain. It’s just mussons and you can be beaten by rain and wind. Sometimes you just can’t see next building because of rain. Everyone said “It’ll be take 6 or 7 days in 1 or 2 month” but I can’t imagine right now.

You can meet lots of people in the island but generally it’ll be short term friendship. Lots of people staying for 4 or 5 days. Politics is the first topic that everyone wonders. Lots of people who hear where am I from, just wonder what the fuck happening in Turkey.

I didn’t live any trouble in there. Because Cambodia is really similiar with Turkey. They couldn’t build the road straight, it’s like a snake and its shape changes after every rain. Turkish government sold everything to arabs, Cambodian government sold everything to chinese too. It’s really weird but all of the chinese people are really rude and didn’t have any manner except one case. They talked very loud, split on the floor and did lots of things. I know all of the chinese people are not same but rude ones came here.

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