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When I started to live in the island, I got opportunity for met with lots of people and every time I asked to myself “What are these people doing”.  There are lots of advantages and disadvantages for living on the island and strange thing is sometimes it’s working opposite. For example one advantage can be disadvantage later or vice versa.

One of these advantages is you can met with lots of people. Lots of people just staying for 4 or 5 days. Sometimes you’re feeling bad and sometimes good about that. In first days I tought “They’re coming there for vacation and because of that they get wasted like that” but when I started to talk with them I understand lots of people has really big problems with theirselves.

And it is not about age or nationality. I met with people from every age or country and almost all of them has same problems or it is new norm for people and I can’t get familiar with that.

Human Archetypes

Before to talking about what these people doing, I want to talk about human archetypes. In the end, all of them doing same thing but they trying to seem different. Lots of people still doesn’t know anything about theirselves. They’re not individual. They’re shaping theirselves for other people’s thoughts, request or wishes. I guess this is the new disease of modern era.

Lots of people just living over trends. They’re shaping their toughts, living styles over trends. They don’t have their ideas, truths or wrongs. In that way they’re thinking, they can be part of community like that. In the other hand there are lots of people like that and in some way they are being a part of this community.

I’m managing a restaurant and because of that I’m seeing lots people who saying they’re vegan. It’s really big trend now. They’re saying like ‘I’m vegan!(waiting for bend my knee) Do you have any vegan food?” I’m showing to menu, also for every food we wrote ingredients but they really doesn’t know which foods for vegans. Also we put icons like vegetarian or vegan etc. While I was writing this post one of the vegan customer of mine just wanted Café Latte. I said “We’re making café latte with fresh milk. It’s not vegan. Would you like to get with soya milk?” and she said “ No, It’s okay” Which kind of veganism is this? Why asked to me about vegan foods for 2 days then?

One of the other trends is Hippie Life. Specially for travellers and backpackers it’s really popular. All of them carrying at least poi, staff, jaw harp, ukulele or some ethnic instruments. Mostly they have dreadlock. They’re wearing ethnic trousers, shirts, bags, lots of piercings or tattoos.  It’s so easy to notice them. They’re talking about yoga, meditation, good vibes, awakening, spirituality. Some of them really thinking like that but others just acting like that because it’s trend. The ones who can understand this things really and totally best people who I can talk and understand easily but in 16 months I could find just 5 person like that.

Other trend is potheadism/junkiesm. Specially after the legalization of weed in some countries everyone started to get crazy. I was using for improve myself or changing some bad behaviors of myself. Some people using for personal evolution like me but others just smoking or taking lots of drugs because they can. They’re talking about “How did tey get wasted last time” and they’re getting wasted again.

Last trend is being fit or muscle bomb. Specially lots of fit people really likes showing their bodies but it’s turned to a kind of disease. Wearing so skinny and uncomfortable things for just showing your body, trying to give meaningless poses(like yoga people on the beach), all the time talking about how many hours they spend in the gym. Trying to underestimate other people who didn’t have enough time and money for gym. Trying to be healthy person is okay but not for just body. Mind also important.

The worst one is the people who following these trends for just find to someone for sex unfortunately.  Only thing that they can think is sex, sex and much more sex. Even animals has different feelings and thoughts.

What Are These People Doing

Actually real problem is they’re doing nothing. This is the part that I couldn’t understand. If I met with 100 people maybe 10 of them know what are they doing or where are they going. Sometimes I’m thinking like,  people are exposed to lots of things maybe because of that they couldn’t think healthy but solution is still in their hands. I’m talking about really big amounts of people and they totally don’t have any dream, motivation or goal. It’s so strange and maybe we need to inspect that. I can understand carpe diem, live the day, go with the flow etc .etc. it’s okay but in the end you need to have some reason to continue.

The people who I met already released their strings of life. They are not thinking what happened or gonna happen next. They’re trying to see end of they that’s all. Some of them totally gave up and others(young ones) they gave up without to try something. Actually they’re in really big and deep depression.  All of the don’t waiting anything from future. Everyone have really good life but they(thanks to social media)

Few times I tried to talked about that but they instantly started to complaining and griping. This is kind of defensing system for them and they’re waiting like everyone need to accept this. I escaped from Turkey and it’s not possible to listen or accept this complaints for me but this time I’m gonna be bad person.(Do I look like I give fuck?) Okay I had lots of options and they was not so bad but you’re coming from Europe. You have lots of options(basic example, you don’t need to pay lots of money for travelling or visa) and after that you start to complaining about life and saying me “Life is so difficult!” It’s makes me crazy you know. Everything, every kind of options coming in front of you easily and when you see small problem or difficulty then “Life is so difficult!” Fuck off! Don’t act like spoiled child.

In the other hand they’not thinking enough and it’s started to makes them stupid. Sometimes I met with so stupid people and I can’t hold myself to asking “How they can reach to this age alive?” I guess having lots of options is not so good. Thinking like “I can do this when I want.” makes people lazy. You need spen some effort for doing something, it’s makes this thing valuable or special.

As a summary, lots of people already lost theirselves. They’re thinking there are much better things all the time and because of that they started to think they can never reach this good things and after that they’re falling in to depression. Everyone around them just complaining about something and because of that they’re choosing lazy way and continue to complaining not to do something for change this situations and they’re crying all together.

Governments reaching that their dreams so fast, a community that not able to think or asking questions, chosed to be lazy. A dystopic  world is so close than we think.

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