What’s going on?

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Yes! Someone needs to give answer for that. What’s going on? So now! I’m opening doors of the mysterious world! Let’s smurf together…

After everlasting personal analyses, unidentified mumblings, hypothetical monologs etc I couldn’t find enough time to talk about other things. Like I mentioned in my previous post, after the bad experiences that happened in Koh Rong, I came back to Koh Rong Samloem – M’pay Bay. This is the bay that I opened a quest house with my friend in last year. After my previous post, I was not stable so I found more problems to myself but this happened and done. The restaurant that I’m managing is only place on the pier. Being alone on the pier is really big advantage actually.

Now we will see what the heck this place and what’s going on all together.


As you can see place is really crazy and it will be much better after upgrade that we will do in low season. Openly I can say I’m taking best job experience I’ve ever take. Almost having your own place is the dream that all we have. Of course it was my dream too. But it’s not just that actually. It’s bringing lots of responsibilities. Specially for restaurant is more complicated.

If I need show an example; because of we’re living on the island, if we will order something from mainland it will reach you at night in best scenario. It’s not possible to find everything you need. Sometimes we can’t find even bread in the island.

After lots of inventory checks and etc etc another side of the medallion is appeared. My staffs are local so mostly they don’t know to say “Can I have day off tomorrow?” or “I’m so sick, I’m not able to work today”. If they didn’t come you’re learning they’re not coming. So What I need to do? Do I close the restaurant? Of course not! So I get into kitchen!

Generally I really like to cook. But cooking for friends is different, cooking for customers is different. You need to think about service timing and also other others. If you know how to manage crisis than it’s not a big problem. Now I can cook sultan kebab, hummus, babagannus, kebabs and also semolina halva etc. etc. I’m getting crazy about lots of things oh baby!

Real Estate

Is just kitchen enough? Of course not! My brother already started to do his new projects in another province few months ago. He has Real Estate and Investment Consultation Agency. When I started to hear some tricks from our conversations I will started to do real estate business in the island. For now I have 2 customers and with my brother’s support I’m trying to do something more. I’m not sure what gonna happen next but worth to try.


With great luck I found a good DJ controller for really cheap price. I’m still waiting for it but my next big target is music of course. People really liked my last set and I’m planning to make new set in different genres.

After getting my controller, I will spend lots of time with it. If I can improve myself enough maybe I can play in the parties in high season. For now I’m researching and finding new tracks for my archive. Just wait for the surprises.


I’m still shooting photos but it’s so rainy now and my camera it’s not good with rain. Probably I will make a rain coat for my camera soon. After that I can shoot more photos and I will be able to do some experiments.


Computer games and other kind of games has really big part in my life. Because of that one of the dreams that I have also making my own game. I don’t have enough time for graphics or other mechanics so because of that I decided to make text based survival game. For now it’s waiting on the shelf but when the right time has come, I will continue.

Daily Life

I’m trying to spend little bit time for exercise also. I was making just stretching moves in the morning for a while before the swimming. But with rainy season sometimes it’s not possible to swim so I will start to do power exercise.

In the other hand I improved my speaking in Khmer little bit more. It’s not enough to proper dialog but at least I’m understanding basics. Also some of the locals started to ask like “Did you eat your rice?” This question little bit important in the community actually. They’re just asking like that to people who they liked and accept. This kinds of small things makes me happy.

In the end If I need to look back, I’m at the point that really close to my dreams before to came here. Some of them already comes true, others looks really close. Sometimes things can be look bad but all of those are tests. Everything happening in the right time if you can see that. Even goods things are tests. We need to learn lots of things from that. It’s not possible to find something for complain. If I complained about something, there are lots people waiting for beat me.

I will share my other crazy adventures and other projects soon.

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